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Product code: FQGEN2

Availability: Out of stock

Quick Overview:

Dual high purity frequency generator.


10 - 945 MHz

970 - 1134 MHz

1212.5 - 1417.5 MHz


This is a dual high purity frequency generator built mainly for testing and to be used as local oscillator for frequency converters.
It is specially suited for DVB-T signal up and down conversion replacing old, too noisy, oscillators that compromise the signal MER (Modulation Error Rate).
The output freuqncy of the oscillators can be set in the following bands with 1Hz resolution.
10- 945 MHz
970 - 1134 MHz
1212.5 - 1417.5 MHz

The ouput level can be varied form -10dBm to +15dBm with 0.5dB steps.

The operation of FQGEN2-ER acn be monitored via SNMP.

This device is usually produced on-demand and is housed in a standard 19" 1U rack panel.