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Wood Multi Meter

Product code: WMM03

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

Wood Multi Meter is a high quality wood moisture meter for professional who need stable, precise and reproducible measures.

Moreover this instument allows the connection of a climate probe for air temperature and humidity measurements. It provide also a useful EMC measure for professional interested on it.

It features an alphanumeirc backlighted LCD clearly visible in light and dark conditions.


- Full range wood moisture (0% - 200%) with linear wood group compensation.
- Climate (EMC*, Temperature, Relative Humidity) by electronic probe.
- Climate (EMC, Temperature, Relative Humidity) by PST032 strip and kiln’s KTY81 temp. sensors.

Other features:
- Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees for temperature.
- External temperature calibration capability.
- Powered by two low cost alkaline AA batteries.
- Battery voltage reading.
- Backlight
- Internal temperature sensor.

*EMC means Equilibrium Moisture Content and it repesents the moisture content at which the wood is neither gaining or losing moisture to the surrounding air, it depends mainly on temperature and relative humidity.

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