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Wood Technology

Our experience in the wood field started more than 20 years ago with the planning and the development for a German firm of an automatic regulation system for drying, which consists in

  • the measure device
  • the regulation system
  • the control software for personal computers.

This start issued a new cooperation with expert technicians in the drying field. These professionals have in fact been working side by side with dryers’ manufacturers for more than twenty years. Thanks to their know-how, we succeeded in evaluating the right features and functioning of a good control device.

At the same time, our firm has invested a lot in the research on systems for the measurement of the environment and above all wood humidity. Hence, they now turn out to be among the best ones in the world as for range, precision and steadiness.

Vanguard measurements for the drying and sterilization fields

The main issue in the drying wood process is the availability of reliable and precise measures, with a fast response: this aspect is very important mostly in the EMC and wood moisture measures, which are the "hardest" to obtain. These features allows to develope faster drying schedules, as well as higher quality results.

In more than 20 years of experience in the wood field we have constantly studied and optimized the sensing tecnique, both from the physical and the algorithmic point of view, i.e. the elaboration after the acquisition of data. The result of this hard work is now available in the CETsense technology, on which is based the KMU03 device, our Kiln Measurement Unit. This device allows several improvements: higher interference immunity, a more precise wood moisture measure with wider dynamic range, the possibility to calibrate/configure each measue channel by using a special software.

Moreover, an absolute news:

  • The possibility to use the PST032-S2 strip in place of the traditional cellulose strip.


PST032-S2 strip is obtained by a sophisticated manufacturing process which guarantees an excellent repeatability of the physical features. The advantages introduced by this new strip are really important: a major capacity to point out also quick climate fluctuations, a major precision in measure and a very low mean hysteresis. It allows to obtain results so good to be comparable to the electronic meters ones, but with a best price. For this reason is possible to use a new strip for every drying process, avoiding the alteration of the chemical and physical features of the electronic probe, that is inevitable because of the prolonged exposition in a hard environment as the drying kiln.

PST032-S2 can operate in existing systems which use the traditional strips, but the best results in precision and in the sensing of quick climate fluctuations are obtained with the KMU03 measuring boards, which implements the CETsense technology, that consists of the elaboration algorithms and the measurement tecniques we have specially develooped.

The same high quality measures of KMU03 can now be obtained by two new products:

  • KBox08 (wireless probe): this new device-box can be installed directly inside the kiln and communicates directly with the kiln controller via a digital RS485 bus.
  • WMM (Wood Multi Meter): a handheld device which effects wood moisture, temperature and relative moisture measures both by a digital sensor and the same sensors of the drying kiln. Excellent tool to get precise measurements and to verify the correct running of sensors and connections inside the Kiln dryer.

Control and regulation

The history of our drying controllers i quite long, starts with the development of RGK series for a german firm.

  • R1000: was an evolution of RGK100, improving mailny wood moisture and EMC (UGL) measurements.
  • R33: was then developed as an entry level controller for an easy and automatic drying, based on programs with seven configurable phases.
  • R2000: has been one of the first advanced controller with the ability to manage fully configurable programs and alarms.
  • R2500: It is the actual top-calss wood drying controller supporting a configurable hardware I/O map, advanced features like air speed regulation and optimization, drying rate control and many other innovations.
  • R25: It is a small version of R2500, built mainly for small drying kilns.

For drying kilns manufacturers we are delighted to realize hardware and software personalizations and ad-hoc controllers, or we can just provide the measurement system if the manufacturer provides himself with the control system.