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Custom Products

We can help with your product or application development needs.

From product conception to its production, we can provide high level of support and interaction with you.

We can also provide support for intermendiate stages like hardware and software development, verification via test and measurement and prototyping.

Typical custom systems we develop includes:

  • RF transmitters, receivers, oscillators and measurement systems.
  • Microcontroller or microprocessor based embedded systems for a large spectrum of applications.
  • Complete software development on .NET / C# for industrial automation, with special focus on rich graphical user interfaces.
  • Special industrial instruments.
  • Sensors employing special technologies like ultrasound, impedance / dielectric spectroscopy based on FDR and TDR, high impedance measurements, wireless power transfer.
  • Please take a look to some of the custom products we developed:

    Industrial module for measuring pH, Redox, Temperature via P100, Temperature + Relative Huimidity via electronic probes and 4-20mA measure providing also an insulated +24Vdc source. It features RS485 and Ethernet connectivity via Modbus protocol.

    Wireless sensor working at 868MHz implementing a moisture measurement system.

    CO2, Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor module.

    Glass integrity monitor system for chemical reactors.

    Wideband measuring receiver.

    TV DVB-T signal monitoring system.